Permissions Licence

If you would like to reproduce or translate a chapter, text extract, figure or table from an Aretí Publications book, you will need to submit a 'Permissions Request Form'.

Aretí Publications grants permission freely for the reproduction in another work of a short prose extract (less than 300 words), a single figure or a single table in which it holds rights (see the important caveat in the Notes below). In such cases a request for permission need not be submitted, but the reproduced material must be accompanied by a full citation of the original source.

Keep in mind that Aretí Publications may not be able to grant permission for the use of all the material it publishes. In particular, tables or other extensive quotations included in Aretí publications, may have been reproduced by Aretí Publications with the permission of another rights holder. Always check the caption or citation to ensure that Aretí is the rights holder before proceeding.

Please complete this information as fully as possible. Our aim is to provide an initial reply to your request within no more than four working weeks.